Honest to God, I had to leave a review after the experienced I had today. Today was the day, the day I dreaded for 1.5 years. I finally was able to bring myself in and get my tooth pulled because of the amount of pain I was feeling. I was genuinely so nervous and so scared that even the night before my stomach was in knots. My blood pressure remained perfect the whole hour that I was there. I had my bottom left molar tooth removed. When they started raising the chair to begin, I started sweating and crying and my anxiety was full force and my worry was even more. The nurse that was helping got me a peanut butter bar and some water and I ate that and they assured me I was ok and everything would be okay so I was able to calm down then we tried again to start over. She held my hand during the operation and let me squeeze it to help calm me.. my dentist Maha was so calming and quiet and she asked me what I felt every 10 seconds to assure I was comfortable and not in pain. She took better care of me than any dentist I have been to in my life.