Erebus Haunted Attraction

For those who enjoy a bit of scare and a good night’s sleep, there is no better place to spend an evening than downtown Pontiac, where you can visit the Erebus Haunted Attraction. Located downtown, the haunted four-story building delivers unfathomable fear and excitement. The haunted house features dark passages and creepy objects, creating intense fear.

Nominated for Best Haunted Attraction in USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards

The Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac, MI, has won a nomination for the Best Halloween Attraction in USAToday’s 10best Readers’ Choice travel awards. It’s one of only a handful of haunted attractions in Michigan that is nominated for the prestigious award. The attraction is located in a former haunted farm and features a General Store and Saloon. The experience is not refundable and can include intense audio, low visibility, strobe lights, damp conditions, and uneven footing. Participants acknowledge and accept the risk of injury.

Located in downtown Pontiac, MI, the Erebus Haunted Attraction is no stranger to accolades. The haunted house is the top choice of many travel bloggers and is currently in the process of building a new haunted house in Pontiac, MI. It will open for business Friday and will be nominated for Best Haunted Attraction in USAToday’s 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards. Browse around this site.

The Eternal Mother Temple, also known as Parasakthi Temple, is a six-path pilgrimage for Hindus. Located in downtown Pontiac, this temple is open to all Hindus. It has over six thousand square feet of worship space, as well as a venue for small religious and cultural events. The grounds also have a small stream, where deer occasionally cross.

Erebus is a four-story haunted house located in Pontiac, Michigan that is open every Halloween season. From 2005 to 2009, Erebus held the Guinness World Record for largest walk-through haunted attraction. That record was broken by Cutting Edge Haunted House in 2009, and Erebus now holds the second spot. This haunted house is not suitable for young children, and adults should wear a mask and a pair of gloves.

During your visit to the “Psych Ward” at Erebus Haunter, you’ll meet ghosts that are just waiting to jump out at you. Guests will experience a spooky story of two young girls and a male and female spirit that wander outside their home. Another medium believes that the former state-run nursing home still haunts the neighborhood, and a spectral orderly roams the halls. A ghostly orb storm is captured on camera inside an old Civil War building.

The Erebus Haunted Attraction Pontiac, MI, is the largest walk-through haunted house in the country. Open Friday, Sept. 25, this haunted house will provide your family with hours of horror-filled fun. The four-story haunted attraction is also the world’s largest, spanning over half a mile above and below the ground. The attraction features a Dungeon of Dread, the Undead Dolls Quarter, and more than 40 cameras to help control traffic flow.

Erebus Haunted House is open Friday and Saturday nights in September. Featuring animatronics, puppets, and props, the attraction has a world-class reputation for scaring guests. There are four floors of special effects horror for you to enjoy, including a time machine and experimental surgery. If you have never visited Erebus, you’re in for a treat! It’s a must-see, so don’t delay – go early! Learn more.