Dental Implants

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Shelby Township Dental Implants

Over time, due to genetic conditions, injuries, or diseases, your teeth may begin to decay or become infected. When these conditions become extreme, they may call for the teeth to be removed. This, however, can cause other problems; missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, change the stress on your jaw, and lead to aching and pain.

This is why dental implants are fairly common and considered the gold standard in tooth replacement options. Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are generally composed of a titanium central structure composed of a screw-like body and an abutment that sticks out above the gum line to hold the replacement crown.

Dental implants are better than other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth. They are also relatively simple to install with the correct equipment and, once fully healed, are strong and sturdy just like your natural teeth.

The entire process of placing a dental implant – from initial consultation to full recovery – is performed over the course of a few months. It is generally done in-office under local anesthesia and usually begins shortly after the extraction takes place.

The first step is the initial consultation, in which your dentist will discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure in your unique situation. We will then take precise measurements and x-rays of your mouth to plan the placement of the implant.

The next part of the process is to install the implant itself. During this visit, your mouth will be numbed with local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gum over the location of the lost tooth. Then, a placement hole is created into the jawbone. Finally, the implant body will be inserted, after which the gums are sutured.

You will receive a temporary crown over the implant body while the implant site heals. Multiple implants can be placed during one surgery session if necessary, meaning that your healing time doesn’t have to be longer.

The implant or implants must be allowed about 3-6 months to heal. During this time, the jaw bone will form around the implant in a process called osseointegration (literally, “to become a part of the bone”). Because of the temporary crowns installed after the surgery, you should be able to eat and speak normally and maintain a proper aesthetic appearance for your smile.

After the implant has healed, it is time to place an abutment into the body. The abutment, a short and conical metal piece, serves as the base for your new tooth. When it is placed, an impression is taken and used to create your permanent restoration in the form of a crown, which is a porcelain or composite resin cap that is shaped to mimic a natural tooth.

Some offices will have an onsite lab to create the crown, while others will have to send it out to an outside lab. Either way, except in certain on-site cases, you will usually need to wait a few days to roughly a week to have the final crown.

Once the crown is complete, you can return to the office to have the finished crown placed permanently. When it is placed, your teeth will be considered fully restored; your smile will look just like it used to, and after a short period of getting used to the implant, it will even feel just like one of your own teeth!