Cranbrook Art Museum

There’s a lot to love about Cranbrook Art Museum Broomfield MI, and this contemporary museum is no exception. Visitors are able to explore contemporary art and architecture on the campus’s sprawling grounds. Sculptures and gardens are part of the museum’s stunning setting. For additional information, check out its website. Afterwards, plan to stay for a few hours so you can explore all of its features.

The Saarinen House is an exceptional example of Finnish modern architecture. The architect was one of the most influential figures in modernist architecture, both in the United States and abroad. He conceived of architecture as a whole and each detail was integral to his vision. The entire family collaborated on the design of the house, including his wife Loja, who was chairperson of the weaving department at the Academy of Art in Helsinki, his son Pipsan, and his father Eliel.

You can view modern and contemporary art on the campus of this museum in Broomfield, Michigan. Located on a large campus, the museum features sculptures and gardens. Its collection is curated and displayed to make you appreciate the works of many artists. It is well worth the trip if you are a fan of contemporary art. You can find more information about this museum by reading the following paragraphs.

Taking an architecture class at the Cranbrook Art Museum Broomfield, MI, is a great way to expand your knowledge of modern architecture. A professor of architecture from Cranbrook, Kevin Adkisson, will lead you through an extensive survey of American architecture from the early nineteenth century to the present day. The lecture series focuses on the architecture of the area, including a close examination of the Cranbrook building. You’ll also learn about modern architecture from the perspective of a building’s broader landscape. The lectures are open to all levels of architecture knowledge. A great post. 

Visitors to the Cranbrook Art Museum in Broomfield, Michigan, will be captivated by a wide range of works. The Museum’s permanent collection includes works by contemporary artists as well as established masters. The exhibition Paper Trail traces the evolution of the medium, which remains dominant at Cranbrook. Other highlights of the exhibition include the Playground, which examines the evolution of play and includes works by Charles and Ray Eames, Gere Kavanaugh, Cas Holman, and Jim Miller-Melberg.

The Craft Department and the Michigan Modern Museum have had a profound influence on other disciplines at Cranbrook. The Object Islands exhibit, which features Rowland Ricketts’ signature indigo works, highlights the craft department’s influence on other disciplines. In the Portrait Gallery, see artists re-imagining portraits, such as Jova Lynne and Liz Cohen. The Menagerie explores how artists are inspired by animals, while Paper Trail explores the dominating forms of expression at Cranbrook.

The expansive campus of the Cranbrook Art Museum showcases contemporary art. There are sculptures and gardens throughout the campus. Visitors are encouraged to take a guided tour to explore the diverse art collections. Whether you’re interested in modern or contemporary art, you’ll find it here. The public programs at Cranbrook Art Museum Broomfield MI are well worth the trip. While visiting, consider taking the time to learn more about the museum’s mission and programs.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has awarded Cranbrook Art Museum a $133,000 grant for new exhibits and storage spaces. The grant will help the museum purchase storage units, install a climate-controlled environment, and hire more staff. Cranbrook director Gregory Wittkopp says that the grant process was very competitive, with twenty to twenty-five percent of the applicants being awarded the money. Check this out.